Eleni Beatriz Garzon

Growing up with two chefs as parents, food was always a factor in life. Traveling into New York City just for dinner, going on trips to Brooklyn for cheese and fresh pastas, or just down the street to the local farmers markets on the weekends, the culinary world has made a lasting impression on me. 

My love for design went hand in hand with my passion for food. Beautiful, colorful markets, grocery stores, and restaurants are always filled with great packaging, picture perfect fruits and veggies, and of course beautifully designed menus. Branding and creatively thinking has always been a natural strong suit for me. I love the satisfaction of seeing things working together for a greater more beautiful whole. 

Work: Graphic Designer for Wegman's Food Markets. Warrington/ Montgomeryville, PA

Passions: Food estetic, packaging, beautiful & effective design, girls on HBO, Instagram, yoga, nature, my Colombian and Italian family

Personality: Happy-go-lucky gal, sassy, intuitive, master of observation, humanitarian, balanced.